a technology family business

Welcome to Symitra, a Pitman South Jersey family and women-owned company dedicated to helping other businesses to grow. 

Delivering Measurable Results for Your Business

Our creative and data driven teams will give you the support you need to help you to take your company to new heights. Our fundamental principles of putting relationships first, focusing on goal-oriented client projects, and investing in future proof technology helps us to support your vision whether its involved in marketing services, technology consulting, or general consulting. We welcome our clients in as part of the Symitra family to help them to grow and thrive in a changing world. 

Some Facts About Symitra

  • Founded in 2017
  • Over 20+ Years in Technology Sales and Marketing
  • Specialized in Digital Transformations in the Cloud
  • MWBE family business
  • Committed to providing services that can deliver measureable results

Our Team 

Jasmine Timar


Jasmine started her first company Orchid Communications in 2015 and has since reformed it into Symitra, the multifaceted company it is today. Her background is a combination of Marketing and Environmental studies that she hopes to leverage in having Symitra provide support to environmental organizations in the future. 

Mike Timar


Mike has been in product and marketing since his early days at Panasonic and Olympus in early 2000’s and later for Momentum Telecom. His many years of experience gave him a background specifically tailored to providing strong marketing, technology, and general consulting support. 

Kenneth Alvarez

IT Strategy Consultant

Kenny heads up Symitra’s Outreach and technology support division to connect businesses with the support they need to truly grow and flourish. He’s spent the past few years learning as much as he can to connect companies with the providers that are right for them.

Ariel Lavender

Creative Director

Ariel came from a background in animation and has applied the creative processes she learned there to develop websites and marketing materials that are able to express the spirit of a company. She continuously works to hone her craft and research future proof marketing tools to help clients stay flexible for years to come.

Cody Lavender

Coding / Graphic Designer

Cody has a strong talent in graphic design and coding that he uses to build unique content for clients and for the Symitra team. His creative concepts help our team to keep content fresh and new regardless of the subject matter, and gives our clients the freedom to think outside the box. 

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