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Automating Audit, Risk, Compliance and Vendor Management with quick-time-to-value and less complexity


Founded in 2008, Allgress helps enterprise security and risk professionals solve the problem of how to assess, understand, and manage corporate risk.

Its founders and management team are committed to providing CISOs with the ability to make effective investment decisions that align security and compliance programs with top business priorities, communicate the value of those decisions to senior executives, and manage risk, fines, and brand damage.

Allgress Business Risk Intelligence solutions converge disparate risk silos across global enterprise networks and automate governance, risk, and compliance (IT GRC) management processes. Powered by the patented Allgress Business Risk Intelligence engine, the company’s products, solutions, and CISO reporting tools provide customers with heat maps and compliance assessment reports that reveal a comprehensive, immediate and intuitive picture of their organizations’ security and compliance risk posture.

Allgress provides operational efficiency. Its solutions allow users to assess once and manage and report on many industry and government regulations. Allgress deploys faster than competing solutions and provides rapid ROI.

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Symitra prides itself on the relationships we have built with hundreds of service providers to help you with your digital transformation journey.  By working with Symitra, you get all the benefits of a direct relationship with the service provider as well as an additional layer of support and often substantial cost savings.

Symitra can help with

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