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Get Avaya Spaces for 60 Days Free

Avaya is pleased to offer a free 60-day license to Avaya Spaces*-

Avaya Spaces is our video meetings and collaboration app—for your entire organization. This free offer also includes persistent chat spaces and file sharing, and is accessible from a browser or mobile app.

You may select the Business version, which includes video conferencing capability for up to 200 participants per meeting, or the Power version, which increases that to 500 participants per meeting and adds recording and dial-in. Check out our fact sheet to learn more.

Avaya Space for Business Features:

  • Video Conference – 200 Participants per Meeting
  • Desktop & Application Sharing
  • 1-to-1 Video Calling
  • Chat & Messaging
  • File Sharing – Unlimited
  • Task Management
  • Integration – Outlook, Google Calendar, Slack, Microsoft Teams
  • Manage Users by Domain

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