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Collect. Organize. Deliver. The BitBox simple and secure IoT platform.

Bitbox USA

The BitBox platform is the market’s most cost-effective, simple to install and deploy, hardware agnostic, and secure IoT platform to collect, organize and deliver distributed IoT data to allow remote monitoring and management of critical infrastructure on a scale. The platform removes the complexity of vast Edge facility portfolio management while enabling data-driven decisions to limit the operational expense of distributed infrastructure. The BitBox Platform is applicable and deployed across multi-site commercial property firms, retail and quick service restaurants, industrial, healthcare, oil and gas, edge data centers, and colo facilities. Founded in 2015, BitBox USA is headquartered in Nashville, TN, with offices in Raleigh (NC), Mountain View (CA), and Chicago (IL).

Simple Consolidated Remote Management

The BitBox solution features:

  • Customizable dash-boarding, alarming, and reporting built into the multi-tenant architecture.
  • Remote monitoring and management on a global scale via HTML5 compliant interface that is mobile friendly.
  • Clear data ownership by the customer with API integration capabilities to third party analytics.
  • Cloud ecosystem for data organization in AWS, GCP, Azure, Digital Ocean, or private infrastructure.
  • One technological solution for access control, surveillance, HVAC, security, metering, and other IoT sensing.
  • Cloud collection, organization, and rationalization of data from remote facilities or equipment.
  • Remote provisioning, modifications, and setup.
  • Simple remote data acquisition without custom programming.
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