It’s time to move your contact center to the cloud

Contact centers are complicated, we get it. Trying to build a solution for your company, can be incredibly difficult even if you think you have the right provider in mind. Symitra is here to find the right provider for you and help build your call center to meet your needs. We’ll work to make sure that as your needs change, you have a seamless experience getting new functionalities added in, even if you need to move to a different provider.

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How a Contact Center Solution Can Reduce your Expenses

As a small to mid-sized business, restricted budgets can lead to limited features and benefits. However, with an integrated contact center solution that is suited to your business’s price range and takes your customer demands and budgeting constraints into account, your organization won’t have to pay for any unnecessary additional costs.

Get the Most Return on your Investment with our Contact Center Solution

When you invest in a contact center solution that prioritizes a positive customer experience, with features like almost constant uptime and caller AI, your company receives the rewards of a higher ROI. By working with Symitra, we can help you identify the most beneficial solution for your business that fits seamlessly into your organization in order to better your customer experiences, all while balancing your organization’s needs.

See How You Can Drastically Improve your Customer Experience

Customers are the catalysts of success for all businesses. Without positive customer experiences, the sales and longevity of your company will quickly decline. By working with Symitra, you’ll see that our contact center solution providers are founded on augmenting your customer experience to operate at its best. With revalued customer experiences, you’ll see an increase in customer satisfaction that will boost profits, uncover solutions, address concerns, and encourage further engagement with current and future customers through valuable, two-way conversations.

A Contact Center Can Make a Huge Difference in Your Sales

When contact center productivity declines, so do profits. With the choice of all of our partner’s contact center solution, your team will develop new strategies to not only improve production levels, but to also stimulate business growth and drive sales. By optimizing agent performance, software systems, and processes, your integrated contact center solution will generate revenue needed to succeed.

Breakdown of the Features that our Contact Center Solution Can Offer

There are four different categories of features that Symitra has to offer with our Contact Center Solution. If you are interested in how these features could benefit your company specifically feel free to click the link below and fill out our contact form so we can start a discussion!

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Agent Features

Interactive Voice Response

Agent Desktop

Artificial Intelligence

Voice Recognition

Virtual Assistant

Self Service


Agent Assist


Engagement Workflow

Predictive Dialing

Agent Features


Workforce Management

Supervisor View




Workforce Optimization

Quality Management

Performance Management


Call / Screen Recording





Interfaces / API's

Billing System

Public Cloud

Proprietary Applications

Private Cloud