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Data Bank

DataBank has Best-in-class Colocation, Hybrid, Cloud, and Connectivity products. DataBank invest in the infrastructure, people, and frameworks that allow you to configure the solution that best fits your business needs. Whether it’s a mission-critical no downtime environment, a PCI-DSS compliant private cloud, or a secure multiple public cloud availability. We examine these challenges and help resolve them by weaving a solution into a coherent offering a price and performance level you seek.

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DataBank’s team of expert professionals understand the changing landscape that enterprises face in managing their critical IT requirements. They examine these challenges and then help resolve them by weaving a solution into a coherent offering at the price and performance level you seek. Rather than the customer revolving around the data center, their offerings revolve around you. Let DataBank be your trusted advisor and help craft the solution that is right for you.

DataBank is a leading provider of enterprise-class data center, cloud, and interconnection services, offering customers 100% uptime availability of data, applications, and infrastructure. DataBank’s managed data center services are anchored in world-class facilities. Their customized technology solutions are designed to help customers effectively manage risk, improve their technology performance, and allow them to focus on their core business objectives.

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