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Your website’s speed and performance tie into how Google ranks you in search results. It’s time to migrate your fusion-coded site to our modern WordPress builder. Work with Symitra today to migrate to a faster site and save your website before Google changes your ranking.  

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Why Should I Upgrade as Soon as Possible?

What is the Symitra Upgrade Experience Like?

How Long Does The Migration Take?


Phase One: Preparation

Preparation begins with our team analyzing and organizing your site’s content so we will be equipped for the migration process.

Phase Two: Development

Entering our migration process, we remove all fusion code and build your pages with our modern WordPress builder.

Phase Three: Testing and Cleanup

As we transfer into the clean-up process, we finalize and review each page to ensure its functionality, design, and quality, so your business’s site is a masterpiece.


More Organic Traffic

Our modern WordPress builder will greatly benefit your speed and SEO performance, reflecting in a higher Google ads score 


Built for Design

Our modern WordPress builder has an easy, user-friendly interface, making it easy to maintain a continuous online presence

Future Proof

Our modern builder has accessible, easy-to-use features for your experienced designers and non-designer employees alike.

Relationships First

At Symitra, we encourage our clients to form long-term relationships with us so they can receive the best website support. 

Case Study:

Goliath Technologies

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Google is implementing a periodic adjustment to how Search Engine rankings are calculated. From the next release, two significant changes are expected: the page speed and cumulative layout shift will have a much greater impact on the overall page ranking. Goliath Technologies’ website was managed with an older technology builder and theme (Fusion/Avada), which was impacting page speeds.​ Symitra rebuilt / updated the website theme and builder to Symitra’s child theme across 825 pages and posts in order to improve Goliath Technologies’ base page speed and therefore improving the site’s performance on Google in the coming months


Symitra was able to increase in overall page speed for the Goliath Technologies website simply performing the migration, and continued to optimize the content in the weeks after. The site was evaluated using Screaming Frog SEO Tool, and showed significant improvement in score. 40% of the scores are over 50 (Previously 0%), and About 10% of the scores dropped below 10, which we prioritized as a focus of improvement post migration.

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