Get Integrated Communications With Your Team In The Cloud

Give your team the tools they need to succeed with a communications solution that is designed with you in mind. Whether you’re looking to upgrade from an on-site PBX system, looking to add in a contact center, or you’re ready to change VoIP providers, Symitra is here  with the most up to date knowledge on the world of providers to find the custom solutions that will deliver the most value for the best price.

How Can We Help You Upgrade Your Communications?

Improve Productivity

With a modern phone system, you can customize your phone solution for different departments in areas like sales or customer service to create  more efficient processes and smooth integrations into your other applications. Symitra also has access to solutions that use your VoIP system to give you insights into your team’s activities so you can replicate your top performers.

Save Money

While a standard phone system is built once and maintained continuously by a support rep, hosted phone systems can be scaled up or down at the click of a button. Don’t pay for seats you don’t need and hand pick between lower cost and higher value licenses to build a solution that matches your team exactly.

Contact Center

Level up your contact center with an omni-channel solution that can help you reach your customers wherever they’re most comfortable. With a wide range of different solutions we can help you to find one that fits your budget and helps you to keep your team as efficient as possible when handling calls with clients. 

Disaster Resilient

With a phone system that isn’t based in your office, you don’t have to worry about it going offline in bad weather or in case of other emergencies. Let your team work from home or make changes to the system from outside of the office and put your mind at ease.

Worker Flexibility

Hosted phone systems are compatible across many different locations and devices which means that your team can work from anywhere while still being full connected to the daily goings on. This is especially helpful in a hybrid work environment.

Tools that You Can Integrate Into Your Custom Solution

Not Your Father’s Phone System

Phone systems today aren’t just a device that sits on your desk – across the different age ranges of team members each demographic is expecting something different. Create a solution that will keep everyone comfortable and work in features that can help you to improve your productivity, lower your cost, and make sure your team and your customers are always connected.  

Bringing Mobility To TED’s Business Phone System

TED, the global media platform devoted to spreading new ideas, was ready to empower their globally distributed workforce with a modern communications solution. TED relied on stationary desk phones that tied users to their offices and faced the traditional challenges of an on-site PBX system: endless maintenance, constant requirements for extra IT manpower, and high costs. About 50% of TED’s employees—and 70% of the company’s engineers—also worked remotely. Check out their case study to learn how a modern communications platform was able to bridge the gap between local and remote employees.

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