Lightning MD Practice Management Software {Much more than just medical billing, Lightning MD Practice Management is the ideal, fastest and most convenient RCM and scheduling solution for any practice.}

An easy-to-use cloud-based medical billing platform that makes it possible for doctors to get paid in days, not weeks

Lightning MD

Lightning MD is a secure, cloud-based medical billing software and telehealth app. The software was built BY medical professionals FOR medical professionals that will dramatically simplify the way doctors do their billing. We are accomplishing this with a top-notch user experience that is intuitive and built specifically to doctor specialty- no templates here. Because of our unique and highly flexible software, each doctor has the equivalent of a custom system. The software can be adjusted easily and quickly to each user, including large practices, hospital departments (e.g.- Interventional Radiology), and in-house/out-sourced billing companies. The result is less time “clicking” for the doctor, more doctor/patient face time, and billing with velocity. Our competitors offer bulky, complicated, one-size-fits-all systems that doctors universally hate. We get our doctors paid Lightning-fast without the fuss. We are medical insiders that have worked in the healthcare field for over a decade. We understand what doctors want and need. It’s past time for a dramatic shift in software tools built for the future.

Services Provided

  • Medical Billing Software
  • Telehealth App
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