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Are You Getting the Most from Your Office 365 Deployment?

80% of companies are overpaying or missing critical security, support, and backup for their deployment

The base Microsoft Office components often leave out necessary security and support coverage. Register for a free review of your current deployment to find areas you are overpaying as well as gaps in your backup, security, and support.

Make the Most of Your Microsoft Experience

Don't Overpay

Microsoft will only let you purchase licenses a year at a time, but we can help you to get the yearly discounts with day-to-day subscriptions. Don’t pay for licenses you don’t need!

Security & Backup

While O365 includes a small amount of security and backup, it’s not really enough to meet the needs of businesses today. Extend past the 30 day back up to ensure your data is safe for the long haul.

Reliable Support

Have you spent hours waiting for Microsoft to get back to you on support questions? We have providers who include incredibly responsive Tier 2&3 support in the cost of you licenses!

You’re in Safe Hands with Symitra

We’ve worked for years to identify providers that ensure the safety of client’s backup files, and develop effective disaster recovery plans. No matter the scale of your organization we can find a solution that maximizes your uptime and productivity by taking the hassle out of working with Microsoft! 

Ways we Can Augment your Microsoft Experience

The following is a list of the offerings that we can add onto your Microsoft Suite to make the most of the products that you are already using.





SAAS Backup


Disaster Recovery


File Sharing


Email Archiving


High Availability



Anti-Virus & EHR






Multi-Factor Authentication


DNS Protection


Security Awareness Training


Password Management


24/7 Monitoring (SOC)


Mobile Device Management

You don’t need to keep Microsoft Licenses Annually

If you’re faced with having to regulate multiple licenses each year, eliminate the time and costs associated with this management. By enrolling in our program, you can manage licenses on a day to day basis with no subscription or expiration date included. 

Develop Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Is your company prepared to take on a disaster? If you don’t currently have a solution, we can help design a disaster recovery plan geared to your business to prevent system downtime from affecting your productivity, at no extra cost. 

Get Tier 2 & 3 Support all under 1 bill

Microsoft often takes their time in responding to support tickets, but for no extra cost, Tier 2 and 3 services will resolve any problems that arise with your products’ software or hardware, all within one bill. This extra guidance includes solving basic issues, plus harnessing the knowledge to take on more complex customer difficulties with the highest level of technical skills performed by engineers and developers. 

Why Should You Add More Security to Your Microsoft Suite?

Ransomeware in Office 365 is on the Rise

According to the Datto’s 2019 State of the Channel Ransomware Report, 28% of MSPs report ransomware attacks in SaaS applications, and of those 28%, 64% of MSPs report attacks within Office 365. Don’t let your Office 365 Suite be a weak point in your organization, and learn how you can protect your business.

When it Comes to Ransomware Attacks, the Cost of Downtime is 23X Greater than the Ransom Requested 

According to that same report, 58% of businesses who paid a ransom in the last 12 months, did so because the cost of the ransom was less than the cost of lost productivity from downtime due to the attack. Downtime can be catastrophic for your business, keep your business up and protected before an attack or natural disaster.

How have Microsoft Evaluation & Support Services Helped Symitra?

We never recommend something that we wouldn’t get for ourselves, and getting additional support with Microsoft has been a huge help.

The savings we have gotten from being able to have better support, as well as adding on and off licenses for our marketing clients and for contractors, has been just under $1000 every year. As a small business of less than 10 employees that keeps its systems lean and trim, it makes a huge difference to see those savings. We’ve already utilized Tier 2 & 3 support with wonderful results along with quick response times that allows us to solve problems for ourselves and our marketing clients before it affects business. Since these services only save money, we highly recommend it for all businesses large and small, and even more so for those businesses looking to improve their disaster recovery plan.

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