Increase Employee Productivity Using Quantifiable Business Insights


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What does this platform do for your bottom line?


Elevate your communications with a reliable, all-inclusive, feature-rich business communications solution


Experience the ultimate convenience of doing business anywhere


Identify trends, analyze activity and get more out of your business phone system with call data analysis


Moves, adds and changes are in your control and available on demand

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Learn How Vonage Drove Productivity & Sales Through Digital Transformation

Through a series of strategic acquisitions, as well as organic growth, Vonage has pivoted into the business space, providing more than 100,000 businesses with the tools they need to improve internal connections and collaboration among employees while enhancing engagement externally with customers. As it sought to build solutions for businesses, the company focused on creating a unified communications solution in the cloud that integrates seamlessly into a business’ existing cloud productivity applications. The result is that companies can increase staff productivity and offer their customers better experiences while reducing operational and infrastructure costs. It also supports the flexibility to add other cloud solutions, and is already winning Vonage new business clients. As Vonage brought the solution to market, the company also deployed the solution across its internal organization to enable its own digital transformation.

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We see this productivity solution as supporting our coaching efforts focused on helping people and teams perform better.

Reggie Scales,

SVP Mid Market & Enterprise Sales, Vonage

Have you been hit by surprise resignations? Identify red flags in performance to prevent the unexpected.

Guide your employees to ensure they’re on the track for success, and let them know their hard work isn’t going unnoticed. By analyzing daily activity and providing coaching when necessary, your employees will be able to tackle their work head on, and you can improve retention by keeping your employees happier and engaged with their work.

You don’t have to infringe on your employee’s workflow to monitor their productivity.

Many productivity work flows require employees to input information into it in order to track what they are doing. But using our partners software to non-invasively track information allows employees to do their work, without any input from them during the work day. By creating holistic views in one dashboard that exists across all cloud based business tools, executives have insight on the productivity of their employees. Your organization will not only gain motivation for productivity, but also visibility, transparency, and opportunities for growth.

Transparency leads to action. By gaining insight into how performance and productivity tracks over periods of time, your leaders can take informed action.

By delivering vital data on daily productivity, managers can ensure employee engagement, discover informed ways to work smarter, and encourage healthy competition when desired, all with a platform that delivers objectivity and fairness on both the individual and organizational level.

Ready to brush the cobwebs off of those expensive business applications? Unfortunately, we hear time and time again of difficulty with application adoption.

Adopting new systems and workflows can prove difficult, especially when employees prefer their own processes. When certain tools aren’t being used, this performance analysis application highlights that lack in activity. It’s critical to provide software that keeps your teams organized. Additionally, managers can maintain and receive immediate activity alerts so they’re aware when a particular software solution is going unused.

It’s not always easy to distinguish between will and skill but with contextualized data, managers can be more confident in their ability to make decisions and guide teams.

By identifying the activities being performed by top employees in your organization, you’ll have the chance to lead larger pipeline opportunities, higher volume of output, and stronger overall performance by making their processes into your company’s standard practices. In comparison, managers can guide lower performers based on knowledge about behavior that leads to higher results, so that leaders can adjust themselves to build their employees up, and improve employee happiness and fulfillment.


How do you ensure security for our business while using this program?

This program resides and is 100% developed in Google’s Cloud Platform (GCP), enabling us to leverage the “Shared Responsibility Model.” 

GCP maintains multiple certifications for its data centers, including ISO 27001 compliance, FedRAMP authorization, PCI Certification, and SOC reports. 

Additional security policies in place include: Privacy Shield, GDPR and CCPA compliance.

How do you ensure that employees feel satisfied knowing their privacy is protected?

 Names are not mentioned in the employee side of the platform so that employees are not comparing themselves to others directly, Websites used are not tracked, the only thing tracked is the usage of the applications listed

How is the Score developed?

A combination of information compiled from how often the applications were being used, the positive/negative tone of emails/phone calls, and making sure they have a healthy balance of work and recovery

What if an application I want tracked is not included in the list of integrated software?

We can create a custom integration to allow you to track singular sites that are important for tracking work (Like a wordpress site) or another platform that you use