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Technical Support & IT Staffing

Peacey Systems

Peacey Systems is a wholesale provider of back-office Internet services to the ISP, Telecom and hospitality industries. Utilizing the company’s proprietary web-based technology platforms, Peacey Systems provides branded solutions ranging from core services (i.e. Product catalog support (marketing), Subscriber Administration (subscriber authentication and access control) and Billing (credit card payment and or invoicing) as well as complete turnkey operations (i.e. full VISP offering including e-mail, security, content filtering, personal web, network, and Help Desk) to Internet providers. Partnering with Peacey Systems allows our clients to realize the following benefits: • Reduced capital expenditures • Reduced operating costs • Reduced IT staffing requirements • Enhanced business processes • Superior customer service 3.0 – Operational Support System (OSS) – Overview & Components Peacey Systems provides a hosted OSS solution that allows clients to use the robust system remotely via the internet to manage their business and end-users. The OSS was designed specifically in an open architecture environment to support provisioning, management, and billing for IP based subscription services. The system is built on a flexible, real-time, fully integrated database architecture that supports and communicates with our multiple application servers. The OSS design and architecture, in conjunction with Peacey Systems’ On-Demand software architecture, provides scalability, reliability, and availability for small and large ISPs, telecommunication providers, cable operators, and software companies. The following section outlines the key components of the OSS.

Peacey Systems Omnichannel support handles nearly 5 million customer interactions per year. Our tier 1 and tier 2 team understands that technology exists in virtually every aspect of our society.

Consumers rely on technology’s benefits every day. When technology doesn’t work, they need fast, competent help.  Peacey Systems

Peacey Systems has extensive experience enabling our partners to operate more successfully. We take care of providing services that can otherwise bog down businesses: multi-level technical support (basic to expert), customer service and billing. Peacey Systems also offers unique patented services and software that significantly increase end user satisfaction by boosting first call resolution. Founded in 2013, headquarters in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  Peacey systems is privately held.

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