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Sales is a Numbers Game

Are You Hitting Yours?

Sales is a Numbers Game

Are You Hitting Yours?

We all know that sales teams can struggle with finding and consistently contacting the best prospects for their company. By partnering with Symitra, your team will get access to the right people at the right companies and have a structured program working with our support reps to consistently get the first meeting scheduled.

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Consistent Automated Processes

Symitra’s Prospect Pipeline Program helps to automate and support the core activities of your sales team. From prospect acquisition and research to collaborating with your team to design messaging and finally to keeping the content going out, our framework creates a reliable flow to give your team the best support possible.

Breakdown of the Features of Our Prospect Pipeline Program

There are many different benefits to our Prospect Pipeline Program. If you are interested in how these features could benefit your company specifically feel free to click the link below and fill out our contact form so we can start a discussion!

Top quality prospects customized for each salesperson’s targets with research done on them for personalized content

A fully managed sales automation platform for each salesperson to send emails, connect on LinkedIn, and make calls


Content developed alongside your team for program success including email copy, calling scripts, and more

Weekly monitoring, monthly reporting, and regular recalibration with all activities tracked in Salesforce.com

When needed, 1-on-1 support and coaching for each sales rep is included

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