Do you have a challenge Rackspace can help with?

  • Need access to legacy apps that are critical to business but can’t be refactored or retooled to move to public cloud.
  • Have security requirements that require dedicated hardware.
  • Have customized network and storage needs that can’t be met in the public cloud.
  • Are geographically constrained due to data sovereignty or compliance requirements.
  • Were recently merged or acquired.
  • Are dealing with shadow IT or a lack of resources
  • Have made investments in VMware® or OpenStack® technology.



Through Rackspace’s experience working with thousands of businesses and their extensive partner network, we know organizations are struggling to keep up with today’s complex environment and prepare for the future. In many cases, businesses want more of the following:


Strategic flexibility and control: Customizable configurations built on trusted industry-standard technologies and APIs support essential workloads with your choice of hardware, private clouds, deployment options, and consumption models.

Better economics: You can see operational savings ranging from 20-60% or more vs. DIY. You also get a choice of economic models including CAPEX, OPEX, flexible payment options and consumption-based pricing.

Proper application and workload placement: Get access to the infrastructure, connectivity services, and application platforms that bridge the gap between private and public cloud environments with the scalability your workloads require.

World-class operations and service delivery: Take advantage of Rackspace expertise, operational frameworks, deployment speeds, and technology investments that lead to superior outcomes at a lower price than DIY.

Secure and compliant environments: Rackspace utilizes the latest physical and virtual security measures to monitor and protect your hardware and data while helping you address your needs around HIPAA, FISMA, FedRAMP, PCI DSS and ISO compliance.

A successful path to the cloud: Rackspace can help you migrate without the need for costly refactoring while leveraging your existing ecosystem. Improved lifecycle automation across the entire stack allows greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Cross-platform guidance and services: Reduce the pressures of optimization, maintenance, and troubleshooting on your internal staff through access to on-demand guidance from certified cloud architects.


Rackspace can help you by crafting and accelerating your IT strategy.  Call Symitra to schedule a meeting with Rackspace and me to discuss your specific needs.

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