Vendor Selection can be Painful

Why go it alone?

Vendor Selection can be Painful

Why go it alone?

We all know that with all of the options for cloud services today, companies struggle with finding the best providers for their company. By partnering with Telemitra, your team will get access to our expertise working with hundreds of companies to help find the right fit for you.  We have a structured program for the vendor selection process, getting the best deal possible for you, and helping with onboarding after you come to agreement. 

Procurement Support

Consistent Selection Processes

Telemitra’s Service Provider Selection and Onboarding process is a structured program for verifying requirements, finding providers that meet the requirements, and fine tuning the cost / benefit comparison for your team. From provider research to quote acquisition to collaborating with your team to identify key requirements and nice-to-have’s, and finally to getting the best deal possible, our framework creates a reliable process to give your team the best support possible.

Breakdown of the Features of Our Provider Selection Program

There are many different benefits to our Provider Selection Program. If you are interested in how these could benefit your company specifically feel free to click the link below and fill out our contact form so we can start a discussion!

Meet with the key players on your team to understand the pain points they are currently experiencing, and define the scope of requirements for a solution and parameters for success.

Identify potential providers that can meet the requirements and narrow down the selection of provider candidates.  


Get initial quotes and confirm the fit of each potential provider candidate.  Get draft agreements for the remaining candidates.

Deep dive with the providers and key stakeholders, get best and final pricing, red line agreements.

Build preliminary implementation plan, validate all requirements will be met, finalize agreement and plan.

Support the implementation from data collection and equipment ordering to implementation, cutover, training, and aftercare.

Our Onboarding Program

You’ve found and signed up with the right service provider.  Now begins the hard work.  Let us help you with a  structured onboarding program for cloud service providers!

Meet with the provider implementation team and key stakeholders from your team to kick-off the implementation.


Identify the data collection requirements, and build a custom tracking database. Identify potential issues for implementation.

Start to build a training plan for users and administrators, and coordinate the equipment ordering.

Conduct the system roll-out, usually in parallel with the existing system.

Triage any issues that arise, and coordinate hypercare during the cutover to live.

Transition to long-term support structure, where Telemitra can be your advocate for resolving any issues that arise.